Let's talk

First things first, tell us how you'd like to work.

It's your project, you decide how you want to be involved
Option 1.


I'm waaay too busy. Swainson Productions, I'll give you an idea and then it's over to you.
If you need a video making but don't have the time (or a burning desire) to get down and dirty with filmmaking, you can hand the whole thing over to Swainson Productions. Filming, editing and delivery, we've got it covered.
Option 2.


Get me involved. I'm feeling creative and it sounds like fun. Let's collaborate.
You've got some cool ideas, and let's be honest, quite like the idea of a day away from your desk. Great. Help with the camerawork and overseeing the editing, we love having your ideas and energy on board.
Option 3.

Hand it over

Pass me that director's chair. I know what I want, so let's make it happen.
If you've got a vision and a clear idea of what needs filming, then step up Mr Spielberg. Get hands-on with the filming and immersed in the editing. Work right alongside our team and bring your ideas to life.
Option 4.

Editing only

The footage is in the can. Swainson Productions, you just do the nipping and tucking.
No filming here, you've already captured the action. Now you need it edited with skill, creativity and speed. We'll edit your footage either in-house or with you at your chosen location - so you'll be right there as we create your finished opus.

Not sure where to start?

Here's a few techniques, style stuff and video jargon to help fire up your imagination.

What kind of video?

Some ideas for you.


You want to tell a story and include things that show your product, service or event along with interviews, comments and personal experiences. This gives you a rich and engaging video that demonstrates what you do, who you are and what makes you great.


You want to grab viewers' attention and get straight to the point but with style and visual interest. This is a short and sweet way of simply getting your message across without fuss. No distractions - just a punchy little number. It’s all about impact.


You want more than an advert but not a detailed documentary. This gives a good selection of your product, service or event mixed with maybe a few interviews. Perfect if you want to get people's attention whilst giving them a little more to get their teeth into.


You simply want to have a great record of an event, show, exhibition or demonstration. This is used to create a simple archive for you own use but also if you want others to see your event as it happened. It's like being there yourself.

Deciding on a style

Creating a look

Bright & lively

Vivid colours, light and fresh. Gives a positive, upbeat and zesty look to your video. Great with an advert or promo style of video.

Crisp & cool

Natural colours, with a 'realistic' look. Gives integrity and an honest look to your video. Great with a documentary or archive style video.


Muted colours with a stylised look. Gives a serious, considered look to your video. Great with a documentary style video.

Filming the action

COOL camera stuff

Pan shot

This is simply moving the camera left to right or right to left. Works well if done slowly and really smoothly.

Tilt shot

This is simply moving the camera vertically - up or down. Works really well if done smoothly but can be slow or fast.

Tracking shot

This is physically sliding the camera sideways. Works well if an object is in the foreground. Gives a movie-style movement.

Jib shot

This is where the camera is mounted on a 'crane'. Works beautifully by giving the impression of gliding through the air.

Handheld shot

This explains itself. Really good if you want a 'realistic' feel to your video. It helps create a sense of immediacy and unpredictability.

Wide shot

Setting the scene. It's always a good idea to show the whole thing with a nice wide shot. Can be spectacular.

Medium shot

Capturing the action. Closer in so you can film a small group of people, for example. The most used type of shot.

Close-up shot

Creating focus. Really close now so just one thing to look at, such as a face. Creates tension, intrigue or heightened interest.

Macro shot

Tiny detail. Extreme close up so you can see small objects or details. These shots can produce amazing and unexpected results.

Overhead shot

Filming directly from above. This gives a unique view of the world. Great for seeing a layout or design in a whole new way.

Low-angle shot

Filming from the ground. This gives a worm's eye view of things. Can provide a really interesting perspective and sense of height and size.

Underwater shot

Filming in the wet. Loads of possibilities here. Either filming under the water or filming through water, such as rain or a running tap.

Post production

Bringing the footage to life.


The video footage from the camera can be changed and enhanced in loads of ways. Colour grading (as the show-offs call it) is where the intensity, brightness and shade of the the colours in your video can be altered. You can even change the colour of the sky if you like. You may want a black and white look, a 'film noir' look or how about CCTV look?

Special effects

Want to make your video look amazing? There are so many options which will get your creative juices flowing. How about creating a slow motion effect? Or a time lapse sequence to condense hours into seconds? You can add snow, rain or dust to your video. You can have multiple versions of the same person in one scene or simply make them disappear. There are endless possibilities.

Sound effects

Adding sound effects can help you create an extra dramatic impact to your video. You may just need to add the sound of laughter or a door opening. But you may want a comedy 'boing' or a loud crash. Sound effects can also often be a subtle enhancement to what is happening on the screen. However they always add depth and richness to your video masterpiece.


Sounds a bit dull but text is a fantastic way of getting your message across. It can be as simple as the name of someone being interviewed or a huge, animated 3D title tumbling across the screen. And don't forget that text also includes subtitles and captioning. You can connect with a much wider audience if they can read along with the dialogue in your video.


When you add music to a video is totally transforms it. Whether it's a melodic background track or an awe-inspiring classical score, music has a profound effect on the feel and mood of your video. You might use one track throughout or a blended mix which reflects the mood of your story. Even if you don't have music throughout, your video will always benefit from it.