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Beauty and the Beast trailer

Derby Live

The Brief.

The client wanted a cinematic trailer which would capture all of the atmosphere and magic of the show. They specifically wanted a dramatic opening, comedy moments and a sweeping, romantic finish. The promo was intended to appear quite a long time in advance of the show itself so had to be watchable with repeated viewings. Therefore the visuals needed to be rich and highly engaging. Finally, the video would be featured primarily on Facebook, so the look, feel and overall length of the promo was crucial.

The Solution.

This was a fairly complex and extravagant shoot. Using lighting, smoke and a location setting, we were able to recreate a coaching inn, ale house and a ballroom for the different scenes. Each of the different sections of the video required an individual look. The opening was filmed using a stabilised camera with black & white colour grading, thunder, lighting and rain effects being added in post-production. The comedy scenes used time-shifting to create magical appearances of the characters and the ballroom scene used primarily a stabilised camera to create smooth and flowing movement for the ballroom scene. The video was very well received with over 17 thousand views.

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