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Betty Blue Eyes trailer

Mercury Theatre

The Brief.

The client needed a short, zippy and appealing video to promote a national tour of the show. Using footage captured during the final dress rehearsal, they were keen to use a live recording of the song numbers for the video. As the show was touring around the UK, three versions were created so that the tour dates at the end would be time-relevant to prospective audiences.

The Solution.

Getting the best look and sound for this trailer meant being really selective with the video clips and also ensuring a high quality audio recording. To achieve a clean audio recording, a feed was taken from the sound desk directly into one of the cameras. The editing process was were most of the creative work took place. First selecting all the best visual clips, then choosing the right audio sections to use. It was then a case of matching the video to fit with the pace and feel of the audio tracks, to allow the trailer to build to a climactic ending.

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