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BGB – Telemetry

BGB Innovation

The Brief.

BGB Innovation approached us to make a series of videos for their new website. Each video would focus on a division within the organisation. For their 'Telemetry' division, they needed a video that would showcase their highly specialised manufacturing processes and some of the global industries they supply. They needed more than just edited footage. They stressed how important it was that their employees were made to feel at ease during filming. It was also critical that the filming was unobtrusive and safe in a busy manufacturing environment.

The video needed to be visually really engaging and demonstrate the precision processes involved in manufacture. As this video was to form part of a number of videos, it was vital to create a generic look and feel for each project.

The Solution.

We approached BGB with a clear and simple plan for creating this video. Together we scheduled filming in order to maximise the our time on each day. Planning was crucial as there were particular, key products that we needed to film. So we worked closely with BGB to ensure that the production runs were operating on filming days. We used a crew of two and each camera had a specific job. One was used for tracking shots and the other was used mainly for jib shots. This meant that every shot had two very different and creative versions to choose from.

It was really important to us that we got on well with everyone we met. This was especially so if employees were included in our filming. We wanted everyone who too part to feel relaxed and to enjoy the experience. This worked better than we could have hoped with many people saying how much they enjoyed working with us.

With the editing, it was essential that this was fully collaborative. Our contact at BGB spent two days editing with us and both he an we found it invaluable. Not only could he see and select the footage he wanted to use, but his creative input surprised even himself. It was a brilliant project to work on and produced a video which BGB were delighted with.

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