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BGB – SILS Amsterdam launch


The Brief.

BGB Innovation wanted to promote the international launch of their 'world-first' new product. SILS or Submersible Inductive Lighting System is a unique product designed for the global luxury yacht and boat market. It was important to capture the interest being shown by prospective customers as well as highlighting BGB's arrival in this new market.

The Solution.

The key with creating this video was developing a terrific relationship with the client team. This really helped when filming in a hectic and demanding location over two days. All of the indoor filming was hand-held meaning it was possible to move quickly to capture key moments in the ever-changing and busy location. Outdoor filming utilised a tripod to get great wide shots of the venue and of people arriving for the trade show.

The crucial element in the video was the capture of close-ups - getting great shots of interactions, smiles and nods of agreement mixed in with shots of product demonstrations. Also, a range of shots of the enormous venue and range of exhibitors all combined to create a rich and dynamic video.

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