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Departure Lounge 2019

Derby Theatre

The Brief.

Derby Theatre hold an annual event for arts practitioners - writers, directors, theatre companies, funders and other NGO's at their venue in the heart of the East Midlands. They work with Swainson Productions regularly and so have a terrific working relationship with us. They wanted to capture the variety and scope of workshops, performances and social activities that Departure Lounge offers. They specifically wanted to emphasise the fun and collaborative nature of the event in a video which was engaging, informative and really watchable.

The Solution.

Swainson Productions spent three days filming every aspect of Departure Lounge with particular focus on capturing the human element. So plenty of shots of people laughing, chatting and having in-depth chats. These shots were supported by plenty of 'action' shots of workshops and training events. To further add to the 'watchability' of the video, animated graphics and a suitably upbeat music track were included. The result is a joyful and enticing promo that really promotes the heart and soul of Departure Lounge. Swainson Productions now films and produces a new promo for this event, every year.

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