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Derby Arena Track Cycling Experiences promo

Derby Arena

The Brief.

The velodrome in Derby is a fantastic and well-known facility. Derby Arena wanted to promote a service they offer at the venue - corporate cycling packages. And they wanted to use video to show people exactly what it involved. They were keen to show all aspects of the day, from the initial briefing, to getting set up, onto the track and finally racing against the clock. However, it was important to show the social side of the event - they chatting, laughing, support and even the catering.

The Solution.

We felt it was essential to give a sense of excitement and movement to the whole video, so used stabilised cameras to 'float' up to and into the venue right from the start. We used a camera jib for smooth shots from height plus a GoPro mounted on a rider's chest to take viewers right onto the race tack itself. Aside from all the action shots we also focused on plenty of interaction shots between participants, so lots of long-lens shots which minimised intrusion whilst maximising dramatic effect. There were also plenty of shots of kit and clothing plus food, banners and signage - all designed to enhance the sense of quality and quantity of content throughout the day. The final shot - a reaction interview with a first-timer was a priority for the client as they wanted to show that anyone could come along and have a great time.

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