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Derby Theatre

The Brief.

The brief was simple. To produce a short documentary all about the theatre, to be used in the 'About Us' section of a brand new website. The client needed the video to show not only the scale and breadth of work it produces but also the people who work there along with it's strong connections to Derby University and its place as a 'learning theatre'.

The client had a number of special events and external activities that it needed including in the video as well as interviews with a large number of staff. They wanted a rich, engaging and above all, informative documentary on Derby Theatre and how it works in and for the city and the county.

The Solution.

Filming for this video spanned several months. This was because the client needed to capture footage from a number of key events that took place during the year, as well as more 'regular' activities such as shows, meetings and weekly events.

It was essential to film all of the activities and events but also to capture the essence of the theatre by getting great interviews with the staff and external users. Therefore it was really important to make interviewees feel comfortable and relaxed. The results are evident as there were some fantastic interviews which really in capsulated the joy and job satisfaction the people had working at the theatre

Just about every camera technique was used during filming: hand-held, tripod, jib, slider, steadicam and even a selfie-stick. Editing such a huge amount of raw footage took plenty of pre-planning. All of the footage was sorted and 'keyworded' so that it was easy to find exactly the right clip, or type of shot that was needed. It was a complex edit but one that ultimately the client was very happy with.

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