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Getting Better Slowly GBS Project

GBS Project

The Brief.

The client needed a promo video to use for securing future funding, sponsorship and touring options. This was a work in progress and the client was keen to show not only the style of the show but also give a clear idea of the background to the piece. Swainson Productions offered a number of options for filming which the client was happy to agree to. This video was to form part of a three video package.

The Solution.

During filming, it was decided to utilise a number of camera options in order to achieve the right blend of footage. Tripod, slider, jib and 3-axis, stabilised shots were used. Movement was key, both of the cameras and the actors, in order to portray the the fluidity of the the performance. During editing, it emerged that black and white was the perfect look for the video, creating exactly the right tone and intensity the client was looking for.

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