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Getting Better Slowly trailer

The GBS Project

The Brief.

We had worked with the client to create a previous trailer, earlier in the development of the show, Now they wanted an emotive and stylish trailer to really get across the evocative nature if their play. We worked together to create a storyboard with a clear narrative running through it - running and becoming 'free'. As the play was about a specific disease and subsequent recovery, it was decided to show with the physical struggle but also the escape from a serious illness. Swainson Productions recommended a suitable beach location for the shoot and chose a day with exceptional weather. After filming, the final video was edited collaboratively with the client.

The Solution.

Filming on a windy beach presents a number of problems. The main one being sand. So all the cameras had to be sealed and protected for the shoot. Three cameras were used. In order to tell the story properly and with a cinematic look, we used a DJI Osmo which is a highly stabilised camera system. This was used for all the shots of the actor running across the sand as well as the circling shots of the two actors dancing. The results were beautiful and incredibly smooth. A variety of extreme close ups and big wide shots were also captured in order to really add atmosphere to the video. In editing there was a lot of colour grading and effects used. Effects such as black & white, high contrast and dramatic sky colouring. Several shots were slowed down or re-scaled and subtle sound effects were added, the music was taken from the show and synced to match the mood of key shots, Animated text was added throughout the video to help tell the story. The result is one of our finest video productions.

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