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Holy Mackerel! promo video

Eastern Angles Theatre Company

The Brief.

The client had chosen specific scenes and elements from the show that they wanted in the video. The key requirement was to get across to viewers, the very funny, berserk and musical nature of the show. They wanted a really rich mix of elements from the show delivered in a funky and very engaging way.

The Solution.

We used a number of jib shots for this video. Certain scenes, it was decided, would benefit from a cheesy pop-video-look and so the jib gave exactly the right, swooping effect. Live vocals were recorded and echo and reverb was added in post production. Also added during editing were a number of lighting and sound effects - all designed to give a richly coloured final look.

The editing on this video was also unique as we were testing out a new collaborative system for clients. This system allows direct feedback on version of the video in real time. It was hugely successful and the client found it made explaining changes and amendments much easier.

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