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How To Make a Book Trailer

Tracy Bloom

The Brief.

This video came about after Tracy (the client) was asked by Amazon to produce a video for their Kindle Facebook page. They loved the videos we had created with Tracy to promote her books and wanted us to make a video about how to make book trailers - for other authors.

The Solution.

This was a full-on experience - in a good way. Tracy was clear that she wanted the video to be fun, visually interesting and easy to follow. We decided early on that Tracy would present the video in an informal and upbeat manner. We chose to film at her home where she would feel relaxed and 'at home'. We used tracking shots and hand-held shots to give variety to the look of the finished video.

Getting Tracy's personality across was all-important so the whole atmosphere of the day was kept light, relaxed and a little bit immature. The result was a video that is informative, interesting to watch and packed full of personality and humour.

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