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Nottingham Music Service

The Brief.

Nottingham Music Service (NMS) work with dozens of schools in and around Nottingham. They decided to create a charity single to help raise money for music education for the city. Featuring 500 children, 29 schools and numerous musicians, they wanted to showcase the single with a video. As Swainson Productions had already worked with NMS on other projects, we were more than happy to be involved. The client wanted to showcase the huge variety of children involved along with their personalities and enthusiasm. Additionally they were keen to use footage we has shot from the summer Music Camp. Over all the video needed to show the breadth of work that NMS do, the musical development of children from all backgrounds and real sense of fun.

The Solution.

We spent a day filming the children at two Nottingham schools. They sang as a large group, individually and in small groups. We were creative in asking the children to mime to the song in various fun and inventive ways. This worked brilliantly, as the children were loving being in front of the camera. Using the jib was essential for the swooping grip shots along with plenty of individual close-ups. Additionally, a lot of clips from the Music Camp were used to help tell the story. Many of these shots had used the stabilised camera system which produced really beautiful and evocative shots. The editing took quite some time as all of the shots had to both sync with the audio track but also tell the story in a way that matched the music. The result was hugely popular, achieving over 5000 views on YouTube. The client was really thrilled with the finished video and have already agreed to future collaborations with Swainson Productions.

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