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Oysters – in rehearsal

Eastern Angles Theatre Company

The Brief.

The client wanted something a little different for this video. They wanted to have three elements in their trailer - rehearsal footage, interviews and 'on-location' footage of the cast. As they were working in conjunction with a supporting organisation it was important that they featured in the final video as well. An unusual feature of this project was the creation of a scene outdoors. The client really wanted to give an authentic sense of the play's location and so requested a scene from rehearsal was filmed outside.

The Solution.

Filming on location was great fun and it was really important to get everyone feeling relaxed and in a fun mood. With that done, we captured plenty of great footage of the cast taking a stroll and mucking around. With that in the can, it was then time to film the interviews. These were done all together so as to maintain the fun and energy we'd generated. We also grabbed extra footage of the location, should it be needed i the final edit. the last filming element was the outdoor scenes. These were terrific fun and the cast loved the chance of being able to perform 'in situ'.

Editing took a little while as it was important to get the right mix of all the elements so as to keep the viewer's attention and interest throughout. The outdoor scenes were colour graded to give a cool, cinematic look and the cast 'on-location' footage was given a cine camera look. This was done to make it feel like an old holiday film and add further depth and variety to the finished project.

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We worked with Richard to create a trailer for a show called Oysters, all about boat restoration and oyster cultivation. The play was part of a Heritage Lottery funded project so the trailer needed to emphasize not only the artistic and creative quality of the theatre production, but also highlight the educational and historical themes, and sell tickets...all in two minutes! We had a rough idea of what we wanted but it was great to have Richard’s creative input and he was able to give us good advice and come up with valuable ideas on every aspect of the filming from content and locations to music and graphic design. The shoot involved filming outside at a boatyard and on the banks of the River Colne, interviews with cast and company plus scenes from the show. It was complicated mix but under Richard’s direction we zipped through the process and ended the day with some excellent footage for our trailer and smiles on our faces!