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Eastern Angles Theatre Company

The Brief.

This show is based on a well-known murder mystery from 1820's Suffolk. The show was to be performed in rustic venues and with the aid of creative set design and lighting, would provide a moody and at times, sinister atmosphere. The theatre company wanted the trailer to reflect this moody look but also capture the bright and vibrant elements in the show too. Most importantly, they wanted the trailer to have a strong 'cinematic' feel to it. Music and song were key elements in the show so these had to be included and to strongly support the visuals. Overall, the trailer had to capture all of the intensity of the show in a stylish video with real impact.

The Solution.

The trailer was mostly using close-up footage of a few sections of the show plus several snippets from a dress rehearsal. A mixture of handheld, tripod and steadicam shots were utilised to allow for a real sense of dynamic movement along with stillness where required. A number of extreme face close-ups were included to add heightened tension and visceral impact. The colour grading was especially important in giving a cinematic look and feel to the video. Initial colour grading was done to perfect light and contrast and a second colour grade was done using a LUT (Look Up Table) which allows for a specific value to be given to all the colours in each frame. This results in a stylised consistency with every shot, throughout the video. The addition of music from the show, sound effects and sound manipulation all added to the final look, feel and audio landscape of the trailer.

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