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Ragnarok, The Doom of the Gods trailer

Eastern Angles Theatre Company

The Brief.

Eastern Angles were really keen to portray the visceral intensity of this play. It was important also to show the power of the actors' facial expressions and their dynamic physical performances. The client wanted to include interviews with cast members but these needed to be short and punchy so as not slow the pace of the video.

The Solution.

This was a fun video to film. We got right in amongst the actors and captured plenty of intense close-ups and lovely physical acting. We used our regular cameras but also the GoPro 'action cam' which has a very wide angle lens and is great for low down, wide shots. And we even used an iPhone for the final shot, due its great slow motion capability and at the fact we could fit it into a tiny space.

Much of the footage was moving and fluid as this really helped give the video an urgent and almost breathless feel. The cast had great fun during filming and this very much helped with their performances on the day. Helping participants feel comfortable and at ease during filming is so important and goes a long way to ensuring the finished video is as good as it can possibly be.

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