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Single Woman Seeks Revenge promo

Tracy Bloom

The Brief.

Tracy came to us with an idea. A pretty off the wall idea, but a good one. Her new book had a running theme of the main protagonist using this toy trolls from the 1980's to represent her ex-boyfriends. Tracy wanted to use these terrific looking characters as the centrepiece of a very simple but very effective promotional video. And it had to be very funny too.

The Solution.

Simplicity was the absolute key here. The video was all about getting revenge on ex-boyfriends and using toy trolls as a comedic representation of these unfortunate souls. Swainson Productions suggested that filming the trolls, really close up on a lush lawn against a vivid blue sky would give a fantastic visual impact. Coupled with really strong comedy and a brilliant soundtrack, we were able to create one of our most impactful videos we've ever produced.

It really helped that Tracy was keen to be fully involved in both the filming and the editing process. Her creative input was tremendously important and ensured that the finished video completely reflected both the book and her personality.

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What's great about working with Swainson Productions is that Richard actually listens. I went to him with a fairly clear plan of what I wanted but I had never commissioned a trailer before so I was really feeling my way. Once he understood my goal it was brilliant to have someone to bounce ideas off and that process really helped to refine the concept. We agreed together exactly what I needed from him in order to make it happen but I was really delighted to be able to stay totally involved right through from filming to editing. Not only was it brilliant fun and I learnt a lot about the process, but because we were continuously refining and developing the idea, the final result was way beyond my original expectations. I was delighted when my agent proudly showed the trailer around her peers at the London Book Fair, telling them that this was how book trailers should be done.

Tracy Bloom.