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Smashbox Promo video

This is Powder

The Brief.

The client was looking to create a new style for promo videos for their client - Smashbox. They wanted to video to achieve two key things: to promote the new range of mascara and primer and also to give some really practical tips for customers to get the most out of their Smashbox mascara. The whole video needed to be upbeat, modern and appealing to bot existing and potential customers.

The Solution.

Swainson Productions were lucky enough to have access to a great studio space with fantastic lighting and some really colourful backgrounds. Filming was primarily based on portraying the model applying mascara with a range of wands. This required extreme close-up shots and so both the lighting and focussing needed to be perfect. It was important to to also capture additional footage which showed the model in a fun and relaxed way, along with extreme close-ups of the mascara wands themselves. Once all the filming was completed, the editing began and the graphic design elements were added throughout the video. These were an essential part of the promo and needed to look fantastic, so great care was taken with the design and use of these elements within the finished project. The music was specifically chosen to be punchy and upbeat and the entire video was timed to the beat of the track for extra impact.

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