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The Bombshell Beaus

Revival Live UK

The Brief.

Vintage entertainment company, Revival Live UK, approached us again to create a promotional video for their new all-male vocal harmony trio. The brief required that the film portrayed the nostalgia and romance of the war years. This meant creating a cinematic opening and ending with an evocative and engaging musical medley in between. The focus for the video needed to be on the musicality and engaging appeal of the three singers plus their playful interaction with the three girls (the Bombshell Belles) in the video. The whole video needed to portray an uplifting, fun and deeply nostalgic experience that audience members can expect at their event.

The Solution.

The video was shot on location in an old aircraft hangar complete with a vintage bi-plane and a Model T Ford car to help create the correct atmosphere for the vide coupled with a large amount of specialist lighting and smoke effects. All of the singers wore period costumes and the finished video used black & white and muted, sepia-tinted effects to create different styles.

For the actual filming, camera sliders, a jib and a stabilised camera system were used to give beautifully smooth and immersive shots of the performers. The intro and outro of the video were storyboarded to create film-like sequences which supported the main part of the video - a musical medley from the artists.

I post-production, the clients spent a day editing with Swainson Productions to finalise the overall look, pace and detail of the finished video. A great deal of colour grading was done to achieve the perfect mood for each section. The audio was pre-recorded by the client and then synced to the finished film.

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