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The Boss Of It All

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The Brief.

Bringing a darkly comic Lars Von Trier film to the stage meant bringing with it all the style and look of the movie. The client wanted the trailer for the show to reflect this perfectly. Not only did they need the visuals to have the 'Von Trier look' but also the pace and mood too.

The Solution.

The two key elements in creating the right feel for this trailer were creating the right colour in the video and careful editing of the footage. Von Trier's films have a washed out, melancholic look to them so time was spent on 'colour grading' the footage during editing. Editing was vital to produce a harsh cut between characters which helped emphasise the fragmentation of their relationships in the play. Coupled with a great soundtrack and some subtle sound effects, the finished video really delivers that 'Von Trier' style.

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