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The Hannells Darley Park Concert

Derby Live

The Brief.

The Hannells Darley Park Concert is a yearly, outdoor classical music festival, in Derby. It is very much a family event with the emphasis on fun, community, family and of course fantastic classical music. Derby Live wanted to capture the feel, atmosphere and emotion of the event in a short and snappy promo video. They stressed the need to show how the experience impacted on the audience along with a strong impression of the contemporary nature of the music being offered.

The Solution.

The important element here was to capture plenty of footage with as much variety as possible, whilst ensuring important aspects of the festival were filmed. We had access all areas which was a great benefit as it allowed access onto the stage itself. This resulted in fantastic footage of the orchestras/performes with the huge audience in the background. Aside from filming the musicians, it was essential to capture the crowd and also those little individual moments. Using cameras with great telephoto lenses, meant minimal intrusion with maximum impact. A great deal of footage was captured, but this project really came alive in editing. This is where choosing the 'best of the best' shots was key. A really good mix of wide, medium and close shots coupled with dynamic action and moments of beautiful stillness, all added to the desired effect. The client loved it.

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