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The Smallest Show on Earth

Mercury Theatre, Colchester

The Brief.

The Mercury needed a really bright and engaging video featuring the best elements from this musical. They had worked with Swainson Productions a number of times before and were more than happy to leave the whole thing to us. This is a great example of 'Hands Off' - letting us do 100% of the work.

The Solution.

The skill with a video like this is to capture not only the obvious 'best bits' but also some of the subtle elements within the show. That way the final video isn't just a succession of random shots, but rather a film that reflects the light and shade of a performance.

Two cameras were used for this video. One, a fixed position, wide-shot and one used to follow the action and capture close-ups. The best of these shots were then edited carefully so that they perfectly matched the music track, that played underneath the video.

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